Example on Mixed granularity – Budget vs Actuals – HIC

Example on Mixed granularity – Budget vs Actuals Source: Henric Cronström  // ============== Products ============== ProductCategories: LOAD ProductCategoryID, ProductCategory, Description FROM ProductCategories.qvd (qvd); Products: LOAD // ProductCategoryID, ProductID, ProductName, UnitCost, ListPrice, UnitsInStock, UnitsOnOrder FROM Products.qvd (qvd); MapProductIDToProductCategoryID: Mapping Load ProductID, ProductCategoryID FROM Products.qvd (qvd); [Products link table]: Load distinct ProductCategoryID & ‘|’ & ProductID as %ProductID, ProductCategoryID, ProductID FROM Products.qvd (qvd); Load distinct ProductCategoryID & ‘|’ … Continue reading Example on Mixed granularity – Budget vs Actuals – HIC

What’s new in QlikView 12

1.Implemented QIX engine to this version. Seemless upgrade from QV11 to QV12. 2.Intigraded the Qlik Data Market 3.Added RESTful API connector. We can easily connect to Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn. 4.Better mobile experience. Change object properties Create objects right click menu Move, copy or resize objects New menu for additional options Send to Excel via mobile device Swiping to scroll 5.Improved security in better encryption, better client request … Continue reading What’s new in QlikView 12

Qlikview 12 bug

QlikView server crashing,User sessions multiplying. Windows server 2012, 64 Go RAM, 2.19 GHz, 4 Core Sometimes the server is slowing down and then worse, no user could load any application on their screen (the screen stays white, it’s not the “session lost” error). The RAM & CPU usage on the server increased exponentially (QVS.exe service). Solution: Delete all server objects/bookmarks in QMC. It is a … Continue reading Qlikview 12 bug