Bar for selected dimension value When I click on any of the Dimension on the bar chart, It must show the bar for only selected value of the Dimension. How to achieve this? Table: LOAD *,Ceil(Rand()*100) as Measure INLINE [ Dim D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 ]; Expression: Sum({<Dim=p(Dim)*{‘D1′,’D2′,’D3′,’D4′,’D5′,’D6′,’D7′,’D8′,’D9′,’D10’}>}Measure) Or Sum({$*<Dim=p(Dim)*{‘D1′,’D2′,’D3′,’D4′,’D5′,’D6′,’D7′,’D8′,’D9′,’D10’}>}Measure) Advertisements Continue reading Bar for selected dimension value

Max month sales of each Year?

This is the data Product SalesDate SalesAmount Apple Jan-30-2017 $100 Apple Feb-28-2017 $50 Apple March-30-2017 $200 Apple Jan-30-2018 $200 Apple Feb-28-2018 $100 Apple March-30-2018 $300 Apple April-30-2018 $400 Required Output Product SalesDate SalesAmount Apple March-30-2017 $200 Apple April-30-2018 $400 Data: Load Product, date(date#(SalesDate,’MMM-DD-YYYY’)) as SalesDate, Month(date#(SalesDate,’MMM-DD-YYYY’)) as Month, Year(date#(SalesDate,’MMM-DD-YYYY’)) as Year, date(date#(SalesDate,’MMM-DD-YYYY’),’MMM-YYYY’) as MonthYear, SalesAmount Inline [ Product,SalesDate,SalesAmount Apple,’Jan-30-2017′,100 Apple,’Feb-28-2017′,50 Apple,’Mar-30-2017′,200 Apple,’Jan-30-2018′,200 Apple,’Feb-28-2018′,100 Apple,’Mar-30-2018′,300 Apple,’Apr-30-2018′,400 … Continue reading Max month sales of each Year?

How to enable Custom Format Cell option in Qlikview?

We can do this in two ways. Go to the Settings > User Preferences and enabling the “Always Show Design Menu Items” option on the “Design” tab. Now the “Custom Format Cell” option will always be shown. 2.Go to the “View” menu and activate the “Design Grid”. Now when you right-click , you can see “Custom Format Cell” option. Continue reading How to enable Custom Format Cell option in Qlikview?