World Population

# Country Population
1 China 1420062022
2 India 1368737713
3 United States 329093110
4 Indonesia 269536482
5 Brazil 212392717
6 Pakistan 204596442
7 Nigeria 200962417
8 Bangladesh 168065920
9 Russia 143895551
10 Mexico 132328035
11 Japan 126854745
12 Ethiopia 110135635
13 Philippines 108106310
14 Egypt 101168745
15 Vietnam 97429061
16 DR Congo 86727573
17 Turkey 82961805
18 Iran 82820766
19 Germany 82438639
20 Thailand 69306160
21 United Kingdom 66959016
22 France 65480710
23 Tanzania 60913557
24 Italy 59216525
25 South Africa 58065097
26 Myanmar 54336138
27 Kenya 52214791
28 South Korea 51339238
29 Colombia 49849818
30 Spain 46441049
31 Uganda 45711874
32 Argentina 45101781
33 Ukraine 43795220
34 Algeria 42679018
35 Sudan 42514094
36 Iraq 40412299
37 Poland 38028278
38 Canada 37279811
39 Afghanistan 37209007
40 Morocco 36635156
41 Saudi Arabia 34140662
42 Peru 32933835
43 Uzbekistan 32807368
44 Venezuela 32779868
45 Malaysia 32454455
46 Angola 31787566
47 Mozambique 31408823
48 Ghana 30096970
49 Nepal 29942018
50 Yemen 29579986
51 Madagascar 26969642
52 North Korea 25727408
53 Côte d’Ivoire 25531083
54 Cameroon 25312993
55 Australia 25088636
56 Taiwan 23758247
57 Niger 23176691
58 Sri Lanka 21018859
59 Burkina Faso 20321560
60 Malawi 19718743
61 Mali 19689140
62 Romania 19483360
63 Kazakhstan 18592970
64 Syria 18499181
65 Chile 18336653
66 Zambia 18137369
67 Guatemala 17577842
68 Zimbabwe 17297495
69 Netherlands 17132908
70 Ecuador 17100444
71 Senegal 16743859
72 Cambodia 16482646
73 Chad 15814345
74 Somalia 15636171
75 Guinea 13398180
76 South Sudan 13263184
77 Rwanda 12794412
78 Benin 11801595
79 Tunisia 11783168
80 Burundi 11575964
81 Belgium 11562784
82 Cuba 11492046
83 Bolivia 11379861
84 Haiti 11242856
85 Greece 11124603
86 Dominican Republic 10996774
87 Czechia 10630589
88 Portugal 10254666
89 Jordan 10069794
90 Sweden 10053135
91 Azerbaijan 10014575
92 United Arab Emirates 9682088
93 Hungary 9655361
94 Honduras 9568688
95 Belarus 9433874
96 Tajikistan 9292000
97 Austria 8766201
98 Serbia 8733407
99 Switzerland 8608259
100 Papua New Guinea 8586525

Different levels of Granularity Example


Period & ‘|’ & Product_Code & ‘|’ & [Business Unit] & ‘|’ & If(Product_Code = ‘PLS’, [Subproduct Key]) as Key

Alternatively, you can add AutoNumber (which is a more efficient way of doing it also)

AutoNumber(Period & ‘|’ & Product_Code & ‘|’ & [Business Unit] & ‘|’ & If(Product_Code = ‘PLS’, [Subproduct Key])) as Key

You should build your dimension link table in two steps:

1. Associate each “true” Customer ID to itself, only named differently – something like this:




CustomerID as %CustomerID




2. Then, associate the value *ALL* with all Customers:



‘*ALL*’ as %CustomerID




The two loads will get automatically concatenated into a single table.

The only tricky part in the UI will be comparing Budget to Actual, when the user selects specific Customers. One budget will get reduced to the appropriate values for the individual customers, and the other department’s budget will still appear as a whole. You should add a warning about that.



Business_unit Product_code Sub_product Field_1
200706 FNB_Loans PLS CPE 2
200706 FNB_Loans PLS CPF 3
200706 FNB_Loans PLS CPL 1
200706 FNB_Loans PLS CPM 2
200706 FNB_Loans PLS CPX 3
Period Business_unit Product_code Field_2
200706 FNB_Loans PLS 2
200706 FNB_Loans PLS 3
200706 FNB_Loans PLS 1
200706 FNB_Loans PLS 2
200706 FNB_Loans PLS 3
Period & ‘|’ & Product & ‘|’ & [Business Unit] & ‘|’ & If([Business Unit] = ‘FNB_Loans’, [Subproduct Key]) as Key

Tips for Success

The interview is the brief period where the employer makes the decision on whether you would be a suitable employee for their organisation. This is a critical time when you need to make the best impression. Here are some tips to help you through this.
Some things to remember:
• Be punctual – arrive a few minutes early before your appointment time
• Be professional – be nice to everyone you meet from the moment you step into the premises, till the time you walk out (you don’t know who you will be working with!).
• Be attentive to what the interviewer is saying; take interest in what is being said.
• Be confident about yourself – the interviewer will pick up on this
• Smile – it says a thousand words!
• Speak clearly, to the point and be truthful.
• Be prepared for your interview. This means be knowledgeable about the company and have questions ready when you are asked. This will show the employer that you are keen on the position.
• Know your strengths, weaknesses and goals – it is a commonly asked question.
• Have your experiences prepared in your mind that relate directly to the position.
• Provide examples to support your answers – experience that relates directly to the job you are going for and skills you have developed from previous employment
• Go unprepared – a lack of understanding of the position and the company will lead to poor answers to questions asked.
• Be nervous – although this may seem like a difficult thing, remember that you will answer accurately when you are focused on the questions being asked.
• Be negative about yourself. Think in an “I can do” attitude.
• Put down current and previous employers, their procedures or company. Always be positive.
Questions you may want to ask an employer:-
• What is the next step in the hiring process?
• What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this position?
• How is an employee evaluated and promoted? When does this occur?
• Do you offer any training programs to your staff?
• What are the company’s plans for future growth?
• What are the company’s strengths and selling points?
• What does the company wish to improve on?
• Can you tell me what kind of work environment it is?
• What qualities are important to you?


Frequent Asked Interview Questions
“Tell me about yourself…” Be prepared to talk for two minutes about yourself. Be logical. Start anywhere, such as high school, college or your first professional position. The interviewer is trying to evaluate your communication skills and linear thinking. You may try to score a point or two by describing a major personal attribute.
“Why are you leaving your current position?” This is a very critical question. Don’t bad mouth your previous employer or co-workers or sound too opportunistic. It’s fine to mention major problems, a buy-out or a shutdown. You may want to state that after long personal consideration, your chance to make a contribution is very low due to extensive company-wide changes.
“What do you consider your most significant accomplishment?” A good answer to this question can get you the job. Prepare extensively—discuss hard work, long hours, pressure and important company issues at stake. You may want to tell a two minute detailed story, discussing personal involvement.
“Why do you believe you are qualified for this position?” Pick two or three main factors about the job and about yourself that are most relevant. Discuss for two minutes, including specific details. You may mention a technical skill, a management skill and/or a personal success story.
“Have you ever accomplished something you didn’t think you could?” The interviewer is trying to determine your goal orientation, work ethic, personal commitment and integrity. Prepare a good example where you overcame difficulties and succeeded. Prove that you’re not a quitter.
“What do you like/dislike most about your current or last position?” The interviewer is trying to determine compatibility with the open position. Be careful; don’t say you dislike overtime, like management, or get too detailed. It’s safe to say that you like challenges, pressure situations, opportunities to grow, or that you dislike bureaucracy and frustrating situations.
“How do you handle pressure? Do you like or dislike these situations?” High achievers tend to perform well in high-pressure situations. Conversely, these questions could imply that the open position is pressure-packed and out of control. Know what you’re getting into. If you do perform well under stress, provide a good, detailed example. Be descriptive.
“The sign of a good employee is the ability to take initiative. Can you describe a situation where you did this?” The proactive, results-oriented person doesn’t have to be told what to do. To convince the interviewer you possess this trait, give a series of short examples
Frequent Asked Interview Questions
Prepared by Hiring Partner Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore.
describing your self-motivation. Discuss one example in-depth, describing the extra effort, your strong work ethic and your creative, resourceful side.
“What was the worst/most embarrassing situation of your career? How would you have done things differently with 20/20 hindsight?” Your interviewer wants to know how introspective you are, and to see if you can learn from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to talk candidly about your failures, especially if you learned something significant from them.
“How have you grown or changed over the past few years?” Maturation, increased technical skills and increased self-confidence are important developmental aspects. To discuss these effectively is indicative of a well-balanced, intelligent individual. Overcoming personal obstacles or recognizing manageable weaknesses can help identify you as an approachable and desirable employee.
“What do you consider your most significant strength?” Know your key five or six strengths—the ones most compatible with the job opening. Discuss each with specific examples. Don’t include your management or interpersonal skills unless you can describe specific examples of good management, or how your relationship skills have been critical to your success.
“Deadlines, frustrations, difficult people and silly rules can make a job difficult. How do you handle these types of situations?” Most companies, unfortunately, face these problems daily. If you can’t deal with petty problems, you’ll be seen as unco-operative. How you overcome these are important. Diplomacy, perseverance and common sense will prevail in difficult circumstances.
“One of our biggest problems is… What has been your experience with this? How would you deal with it?” Think on your feet. Ask questions to get more details and break the problem into subsections. It is highly likely that you will have had some experience dealing with the subsections. Answer these and summarize the total. If you can’t answer directly, state how you would go about solving the problem. Be specific and show your organizational and analytical skills.
“How has your technical ability been important in accomplishing results?” A potential employee needs a strong level of technical competence. Most strong managers have good technical backgrounds. Describe specific examples of your technical abilities, and how you resolved a technical issue.
“How would you handle a situation with tight deadlines, low employee morale and inadequate resources?” Your interviewer is looking for strong management skills. You need to be creative and describe your toughest management task, even if it doesn’t meet all the criteria. Most situations don’t. Organizational and interpersonal skills, handling pressure and good handling of this question are indicative of effective management skills.
Frequent Asked Interview Questions
Prepared by Hiring Partner Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore.
“Are you satisfied with your career to date? What would you change if you could?” Be honest. The interviewer wants to know if you’ll be happy. Are you willing to make some sacrifices to get your career on the right track? Your degree of motivation is an important selection factor.
“What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself five or ten years from now?” Be realistic! Pie-in-the-sky goals label you as immature. One or two management jumps in 3-5 years is a reasonable goal. If your track record indicates you’re in line for senior management in 10 years, then mention it. If you’ve had a rocky road, be introspective.
“Why should we hire you for this position? What kinds of contributions would you make?” This is a good chance to summarize. By now, you should know the key problems. Restate and show how you would address them. Don’t be arrogant—instead demonstrate a thoughtful, organized and strong attitude.

LEARN ENGLISH | MUNIBA MAZARI – We all are Perfectly Imperfect


well I’m running short of words right
now but I cannot afford this because I
have to speak thank you so much for all
the love for all the warmth thank you
for accepting me thank you very much
well I always start my talk with a
disclaimer and that disclaimer is that
I’ve never claimed to be a motivational
speaker yes I do speak but I feel more
like a storyteller because wherever I go
I share a story with everyone well it is
a story of a woman who’s perfectly
imperfect life made her who and what she
is today it’s the story of a woman who
in pursuit of her dreams and aspirations
made other people realize that if you
think that your life is hard and you’re
giving up on that because you think your
life is unfair think again because when
you think that way you are being unfair
to your own self it’s the story of a
woman who made people realize that
sometimes problems are not too big we
are too small because we cannot handle
it is the story of a woman who we time
realized the real happiness doesn’t lie
in success money fame it lies within
real happiness lies in gratitude so I am
here and I’m going to share the story of
that woman that is my story the story of
gratitude I love you too I love you all
I believe in the power of words many
people speak before they think but I
know the value of words the words can
make you break you they can heal your
soul they can damage you forever
so I always try to use the positive
words in my life wherever I go they call
it adversity I call it opportunity they
call it weakness I call it strength
they call me disabled I call myself
differently abled they see my disability
they see my disability I see my ability
there are some incidents that happen in
your life and those incidents are so
strong that they change your DNA those
incidents or accidents are so strong
that they break you physically they
deform your body but they transform your
those incidents break you deform you but
they mold you into the best version of
you and the same thing happened to me
and I’m going to share what exactly
happened to me I was 18 years old when I
got married and this thing I’m cheering
for the very first time on an
international level I was 18 years old
when I got married I belonged to a very
conservative family a Baloch family
we’re good daughters never say no to
their parents my father wanted me to get
and all I said was if that makes you
happy I’ll say yes and of course it was
never a happy marriage just about after
two years of caring married about nine
years ago I made a car accident
somehow my husband fell asleep and the
car fell in the ditch he managed to jump
out saved himself I’m happy for him but
I stayed inside the car and I sustained
a lot of injuries the list is a bit long
don’t get scared
I’m perfectly fine now radius ulna of my
right arm were fractured the wrist was
fractured shoulder bone and collarbone
were fractured my whole ribcage got
fractured and because of the rib cage
injury lungs and liver were badly
injured I couldn’t breathe I lost you
renal bowel control that’s why I have to
wear the bag wherever I go
but that injury that changed me and my
life completely as a person in my
perception towards living my life was
the spine injury three vertebrae off my
back bone were completely crushed and I
got paralyzed for the rest of my life so
this accident took place in a far-flung
area in the outskirts of a very small
province Balochistan where there was no
first aid no hospital no ambulance I was
in the middle of nowhere in that toppled
car many people came to rescue they gave
me CPR they dragged me out of the car
and while they were dragging me out I
got the complete transection of my
spinal cord and now there was this
debate going on should we keep it here
she’s going to die where should we go
there is no ambulance there was this
four-wheeler Jeep standing in the corner
of the street they said put her in the
back of the Jeep and take her to the
hospital which is three hours away from
this place and I still remember that
bumpy ride I was all broken they threw
me at the back of the Jeep and they
rushed me to the hospital that is where
I realized that my half body was
fractured and half was paralyzed I
finally ended up in a hospital where I
stayed for two and a half months I
underwent multiple surgeries doctors
have put a lot of titanium in my arm
there’s a lot of titanium at my back to
fix my back that’s why people in
Pakistan call me the iron lady of
sometimes I wonder how easy it is for me
to describe all this all over again and
somebody has rightly said that when you
share your story and it doesn’t make you
cry that means you have healed those two
and a half months in the hospital were
dreadful I will not make up stories just
to inspire you I was at the words of
despair one day doctor came to me and he
said well I heard that you wanted to be
an artist but you ended up being a
housewife I have a bad news for you you
won’t be able to paint again because
your wrist and your arm are so deformed
you won’t be able to hold a pen again
and I stayed quiet next day doctor came
to me and said your spine injury is so
you won’t be able to walk again I took a
deep breath and I said it’s all right
the red-state doctor came to me and said
because of your spine injury and the
fixation that you have in your back you
won’t be able to give birth to a child
that day I was devastated I still
remember I asked my mother why me and
that is where I started to question my
existence that why am I even alive
what’s the point of living I cannot walk
I cannot paint fine I cannot be your
mother and we have this thing in our
heads being women that we are incomplete
without having children I am going to be
an incomplete woman for the rest of my
life what’s the point people are scared
they think I will get divorced what is
going to happen to me why me why am i
alive we all try to chase this tunnel we
all do this because we see light in the
end of the tunnel which keeps us going
my dear friends in my situation there
Tunnel but I had to roll on but there
was no light and that is where I
realized that the words have the power
to heal the soul my mother said to me
this too shall pass
God has a greater plan for you I don’t
know what it is but he surely has
and in all that distress and grief
somehow or the other those words were so
magical that they kept me going I was
trying to put that smile on my face all
the time was hiding it was so hard to
hide the pain which was there but all I
knew was that if I will give up my
mother and my brothers will give up too
I cannot see them crying with me
so what kept me going was one day I
asked my brother’s I know I have a
deformed hand but I’m tired of looking
at these white walls in the hospital and
wearing these white scrubs I’m getting
tired of this I want to add more colors
to my life I want to do something
bring me some colors bring me some small
canvas I want to paint so the very first
painting I made was on my deathbed where
I painted for the very first time it was
not just an art piece or just my passion
it was my therapy what an amazing
therapy it was without uttering a single
word I could paint my heart out I could
share my story people used to come and
say what lovely painting so much color
nobody could see the grief in it only I
could so that’s how I spent two and a
half months in my hospital crying never
complaining or whining but painting and
then I was discharged and I went back
home and I went back home and I realized
that I have developed a lot of pressure
ulcers on my back and on my hip bone I
was unable to sit there were a lot of
infections in my body a lot of allergies
so doctors wanted me to lie down on the
bed straight for not six months for not
one year for two years I was bedridden
confined in that one room looking
outside the window listening to the
birds chirping and thinking maybe there
will be a time when we’ll be going out
with the family and enjoying the nature
that was the time where I realized how
lucky people are but they don’t realize
that is the time where I realized that
the day I’m going to sit I’m going to
share this pain with everyone to make
them realize how blessed they are and
they don’t even consider them lucky
there are always turning points in your
there was a rebirth day that I
celebrated after two years and two and a
half months when I was able to sit on a
wheelchair that was the day when I had
the rebirth I was a completely different
person I still remember the day I sat on
the wheelchair for the first time
knowing that I’m never going to leave
this knowing that I won’t be able to
walk for the rest of my life I saw
myself in the mirror and I talked to
myself and I still remember what I said
I cannot wait for a miracle to come and
make me walk I cannot sit in the corner
of the room crying cribbing and begging
for mercy because nobody has time so I
have to accept myself the way I am the
sooner the better so I applied the lip
color for the first time
and I erased it and I cried and I said
what am i doing
a person on a wheelchair should not do
this what will people say clean it up
put it again this time I put it for
myself because I wanted to feel perfect
from within
and that day I decided that I’m going to
live life for myself I am NOT going to
be that perfect person for someone I am
just going to take this moment and I
will make it perfect for myself
and you know how it all began that day I
decided that I’m going to fight my fears
we all have fears fear of unknown fear
of known fear of losing people fear of
losing help money we want to excel in
career we want to become famous we want
to get money we are scared all the time
so I wrote down one by one all those
fears and I decided that I’m going to
overcome these fears one at a time you
know what was my biggest fear divorce I
couldn’t stand this word I was trying to
cling on to this person who didn’t want
me anymore but I said no I have to make
it work but the day I decided that this
is nothing but my fear I liberated
myself by setting him free and I made
myself emotionally so strong that the
day I got the news that he is getting
married I sent him a text that I’m so
happy for you and I wish you all the
best and he knows that I pray for him
my biggest fear number two was I won’t
be able to be a mother again and that
was quite devastating for me but then I
realized there are so many children in
the world all they want is acceptance so
there is no point of crying just go and
adopt one and that’s what I did
I gave my name in different
organizations different orphanages I
didn’t mention that I’m on a wheelchair
dying to have a child so I just told
them that this is vaniville Missouri and
she wants to adopt a boy or girl
whatsoever but I want to adopt a kid and
I waited patiently two years later I got
this call from a very small city in
Pakistan I got a call and they said are
you money by Missouri there is a boy a
baby boy and would you like to adopt and
when I say yes I could literally feel
the labor pains yes yes I am going to
adopt him I am coming to take him home
and when I reached there the man was
sitting and he was looking at me from
head to toe and in back of my head I
kept thinking that oh my god he is going
to say she’s on the wheelchair she
doesn’t deserve it
how is she going to take care of him and
I looked at him and I said do not judge
me because I’m on the wheelchair but you
know what he said he said I know you
will be the best mother of this child
you both are lucky to have each other
and that day I was two years old two
days old and today he’s six
you’ll be surprised to know another
bigger fear that I had in me it was
facing people I used to hide myself from
people when I was on bed for two years I
used to keep the door closed I used to
pretend that I’m not going to meet
anyone tell them that I’m sleeping you
know why because I couldn’t stand that
sympathy that they had for me they used
to treat me like a patient when I used
to smile they used to look at me and say
that you’re smiling are you okay I was
tired of this question being asked are
you sick well a lady yesterday at the
airport asked me are you sick and I said
well besides the spinal cord injury I’m
fine I guess
but those are really cute questions they
never used to feel cute when I was on
the bed so I used to hide myself from
people knowing that oh my god I’m not
going to see that sympathy in their eyes
it’s alright and today I’m here speaking
to all these amazing people because I
have overcome the fear you know where
you end up being on the wheelchair
what’s the most painful thing that’s
another fear that people on the
wheelchair the people who are
differently abled having their hearts
but they never share I’ll share that
with you the lack of acceptance people
think that they will not be accepted by
the people because we in the world of
perfect people are imperfect so I
decided that instead of starting an NGO
for disability awareness which I know
will not help anyone I started to appear
more in public I started to paint I
always wanted to I’ve done a lot of
exhibitions I’m Pakistan’s first
artist I’ve done a lot of modeling
campaigns different campaigns for brands
like Toni & Guy I have done some really
funny breaking the barriers kind of
modeling there was this one by the name
clown town where I became a clown
because I know that clowns have hearts
too and then I also decided that if I
really want to make the difference I am
NOT going to let people use me for their
polio campaigns where they will make you
a victim or an emblem of misery and
mercy and will say that you know what
give all your drops your children or
they will become like this girl I
decided that I’m going to join the
national TV of Pakistan as an
and I’ve been doing a lot of shows for
last three years
so when you accept yourself the way you
are the world recognizes you
it all starts from within I became thank
you I became the National goodwill
ambassador for UN Women Pakistan and now
I speak for the rights of women children
we talk about inclusion diversity gender
equality which is a must I was featured
in BBC hundred women for 2015 I’m one of
the Forbes 30 under 30 for 2016 and it
all didn’t happen alone you all are
thriving in your careers you have bigger
dreams and aspirations in life always
remember one thing on the road to
there is always we not me do not think
that you alone can achieve things no
there’s always another person who is
standing behind you
maybe not coming on the forefront behind
you praying for you when supporting you
never lose that person
no matter how much I say that I couldn’t
find a hero so I became one I still want
to recognize those three people in my
life who literally changed my life
completely and I get inspiration from
them every single day well leave Han
many people know about the terrorist
attacks in Pakistan we have lost many
people and I’m sharing this with a very
heavy heart because we actually have
lost a lot of people and this huge
turmoil of terrorism
these people are barbarians they do not
see people they are there they’re even
worse than animals they have killed
people in mosques they have killed
people in churches temples even in
schools there was this terrorist attack
in army public school Peshawar where
these terrorists entered in an
examination hall and they killed our
children and in that attack that day
this beautiful boy Walid Hahn who was my
hero my real-life hero was the Proctor
who was taking care of the students was
keeping an eye on the students those
barbarians shot him three times in the
face five times on his body and he fell
down I was asked to give a talk in the
school after a week of that terrorist
attack with a very heavy heart I went
there and I spoke we sang a few national
songs I thought that maybe I’ve done my
part but deep inside it was killing me
I could see children injured I could see
children sitting on the wheelchairs
looking at me wondering what next what
was our fault just because we were here
to give examination we have been shot so
many people so many children lost their
friends their classrooms were empty the
next day they went to the classroom so
this kid will leave Hahn I was asked
that he is in hospital right now and you
have to go and see him
and motivate him and tell him that it’s
going to be okay and when I saw the lead
hand coming on the wheelchair for the
first time in front of me face was all
deformed his leg was fractured his arm
was fractured he couldn’t talk he lost
his teeth he cannot sneeze he cannot
smell he cannot eat and I kept thinking
what should I say that everything is
going to be all right no nothing is all
right and while I was juggling with the
words what to say what not to say this
beautiful child will eat ham came to me
and he said are you Madiba mazar-e I
said yes he said bhaji let’s take a
and with that beautiful toothless smile
of elite Han we took that beautiful
selfie that I still have with me I don’t
share that here because it was in a very
bad shape that time and that is where I
realized that when I was thinking too
much about his deformities he’s happy
with himself he doesn’t even care
because today he goes in the same school
and when somebody asks him that what
happened to your face why so many scars
you know what he says these scars are my
medals and I wear them with pride
and how beautifully he says the
terrorists wanted me not to study I am
going to study I will become a doctor
one day and this is my way of taking
revenge from those terrorists another
like real-life hero of course my son his
name is Niall and I LA River Nile I
learned so much from this kid the first
and foremost thing is patience how to be
patient when you know that your mother
cannot walk when you know that your
mother is different from the other women
when you know that your mother cannot go
out and play with you how to stay calm
he loves football and when we got the
very first football he was four years
old he was super excited I still
remember he came in the room and he said
mom let’s play football and kept the
ball in my feet and he said let’s kick
it and that day I felt disabled I said I
cannot kick the ball and I was down with
the same face he looked at me and he
said well that’s alright your legs are
not working but your hands too let’s
play catch the ball
you know what that day he made me
realize that when you think your glass
is half-empty come on your glass is
half-full it’s all in here and here last
but not least the woman who made me
realize that heroes have no gender the
woman who believed in me even when I was
completely at the words of despair where
everybody left she was there and every
time I looked at her without saying
anything she used to look at me and said
this too shall pass
God has a bigger plan and one day you
will say that oh my god that is why God
has chosen me she never cried in front
of me she has always said that there
will be haters there will be naysayers
there will be disbelievers and then
there will be you proving them wrong my
whatever I am today I’m nothing without
her I’m nothing without her thank you
mom I wish you were here thank you for
making me who I am today you know what
we human beings have a problem out of
many problems there is one more and this
is self-created one we always expect
ease from life we have this amazing
fantasy about life this is how things
should work this is my plan it should go
as per my plan if that doesn’t happen we
give up so my dear friends let me tell
you one thing I never wanted to be on
the wheelchair never thought of being on
the wheelchair
I was always aspiring to do bigger
things but had no idea that for that I
have to pay the price to be where I am
today it’s a very heavy price this life
is a test and a trial and tests our
trials are never supposed to be easy so
when you’re expecting East from life and
life gives you lemons then you make the
lemonade and then do not blame life for
that because you were expecting ease
from a trial trials make she was
stronger a better person life is a trial
every time you realize that
it is okay to be scared it is okay to
cry everything is okay but giving up
should not be an option they always say
that failure is not an option failure
should be an option because when you
fail you get up and then you fail and
then you get up and that keeps you going
that’s how humans are strong failure is
an option should be an option but giving
up is not never we have this thing in
minds we call it perfection we want
everything perfect we want ourselves to
be perfect there is this image in our
head about everything perfect life
perfect relationships perfect career
perfect amount of money that we need to
earn no matter what
nothing is perfect in this world we all
are perfectly imperfect and that is
perfectly all right that’s all right
your work viewers sent here not to
become the perfect people those people
who tell you how to look perfect even
those people are imperfect trying to
fight this fear of looking imperfect I
used to be perfect I still remember I
got this compliment years ago when I
used to walk oh my God look at you
you’re fair you’re tall you’re perfect
look at me now only the perfect eyes can
see that only the perfect eyes will see
that only the perfect eyes will see that
so yes in all those imperfections you
have to listen to your heart you don’t
have to look good for people you don’t
have to be perfect just because other
people want you to be perfect if your
soul is perfect from within that’s all
right this is all what you want this is
all what you need to be
our society has made very weird very
weird kind of norms to look perfect and
great for men it’s different for women
it’s different we think too much about
what people say with we listen to
ourselves too little you know what makes
you perfect when you make someone smile
you know what makes you perfect when you
try to do something good for the people
around you you know what makes you
perfect when you feel someone’s pain and
how beautiful pain is that it connects
you with people no other medium can
connect you with others but pain that’s
why I always say that I’m in pain and
that’s a blessing in disguise for me
today just because I’m in pain and I’m
on the wheelchair I work for children
being the head of CSR for a company we
conduct medical camps in far-flung areas
of Pakistan where so many kids die
because they don’t have medical
facilities and I personally believe just
because they cannot afford to live
doesn’t mean we let them die so we give
them money we give the medical treatment
we try to heal their wounds physical and
emotional and I also work for the
beautiful people we call them third
gender the transgender community of
Pakistan you know what connects me with
them all my imperfections when I go and
I hug them they never judged me and this
very good friend of mine her name is
bitch Lee bitch Lee miss electricity she
called herself electricity and I said
are you electricity she’s no I’m
lightning I’m as strong as lightning
we have because we have very bad power
outage so she doesn’t want me to call
her electricity so she says I am very
strong I’m panda I’m lightning she came
to me and the first time I hugged her
she said you are just like me and I said
yes I am like you because two people we
are so imperfect so how beautiful these
imperfections are that because of these
imperfections you can connect with
people then why are we all running after
being perfect what’s the point every
time I go in public I always smile it’s
always a big 2d smile on my face and
people ask me don’t you get tired of
smiling all the time what’s the secret I
always say one thing that I have stopped
worrying about the things that I have
lost the people that I’ve lost things
and people who were meant to be with me
are with me and sometimes somebody’s
absence make you a better person
cherish their absence it’s always it’s
always a blessing in disguise
I always say that people are so lucky
they don’t even realize you must be
thinking okay you are lucky in what
well the breath that you just took was a
blessing embrace it
there are so many people in the world
who are dreaming to live a life that you
are living right now you have no idea
embrace each and every breath that you
are taking celebrate your life live it
don’t die before your death we all die
we live this one routine of a day for 75
years and we call it life no that’s not
life if you’re still thinking why you
have been sent here if you’re still
juggling with the concept of why you
were here you haven’t lived yet you work
hard you make money you do it for
yourself that’s not life you go out you
seek for people who need your help you
make their lives better you become that
sponge which can absorb all the
negativity and you become that person
who can emit beautiful positive vibes
and when you realize that you have
changed someone’s life and because if
you this person didn’t give up that is
the day when you live
we were talking about gratitude why I
smile all the time I cry all night when
nobody sees me because I’m a human and I
have to keep the balance and I smile all
day because I know that if I will smile
I can make people smile that keeps me
going be grateful for what you have and
you will always always end up having
more but if you’ll cry
and if you’ll crip for the little things
that you don’t have or the things that
you’ve lost you will never ever have
enough sometimes we are too busy
thinking about the things that we don’t
have that we forget to cherish the
blessings that we have I’m not saying
that I’m not healthy and that makes me
unlucky but yes it is hard it is hard
when I say that I cannot walk it is hard
to say when I wear this bag it hurts but
I have to keep going because never
giving up is the way to live always
so I’ll end my talk in a very short note
live your life fully accept yourself the
way you are be kind to yourself be kind
to yourself I’ll repeat be kind to
yourself and only then you can be kind
to others love yourself and spread that
love life will be hard
there will be turmoils there will be
trials but that will only make you
stronger never give up the real
happiness doesn’t lie in money or
success or fame I have this all I never
wanted this real happiness lies in
gratitude so be grateful be alive and
live every moment thank you so much
everyone thank you

Solve the quadratic equation ax**2 + bx + c = 0


# Solve the quadratic equation ax**2 + bx + c = 0
# import complex math module
import cmath
a = 1
b = 5
c = 6

# To take coefficient input from the users
# a = float(input(‘Enter a: ‘))
# b = float(input(‘Enter b: ‘))
# c = float(input(‘Enter c: ‘))

# calculate the discriminant
d = (b**2) – (4*a*c)

# find two solutions
sol1 = (-b-cmath.sqrt(d))/(2*a)
sol2 = (-b+cmath.sqrt(d))/(2*a)

print(‘The solution are {0} and {1}’.format(sol1,sol2))

Python Program to find the area of triangle

# Python Program to find the area of triangle
a = 5
b = 6
c = 7
# Uncomment below to take inputs from the user
# a = float(input(‘Enter first side: ‘))
# b = float(input(‘Enter second side: ‘))
# c = float(input(‘Enter third side: ‘))

# calculate the semi-perimeter
s = (a + b + c) / 2

# calculate the area
area = (s*(s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c)) ** 0.5
print(‘The area of the triangle is %0.2f’ %area)