Dynamic Loading of Tables in Qlikview/Qliksense



Set dataManagerTables = ”,’FinalItemMaster’,’AggSales’,’CustomerAddress’,’Customers’,’FinalItemBranch’,’FinalSalesHeader’,’FinalYTDBudget’,’Province’,’Sales’,’US STATES’,’SalesDetails2′,’Dates3′;
//This block renames script tables from non generated section which conflict with the names of managed tables

For each name in $(dataManagerTables)
Let index = 0;
Let currentName = name;
Let tableNumber = TableNumber(name);
Let matches = 0;
Do while not IsNull(tableNumber) or (index > 0 and matches > 0)
index = index + 1;
currentName = name & ‘-‘ & index;
tableNumber = TableNumber(currentName)
matches = Match(‘$(currentName)’, $(dataManagerTables));
If index > 0 then
Rename Table ‘$(name)’ to ‘$(currentName)’;
Set dataManagerTables = ;


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