How to load QVDs dynamically based on Date and its availability

In general , we will load the data in QVDs with daily basis or monthly basis with suffix.

Sometimes we need to pick latest QVDs and load into the dashboard.

I have QVDs like QVD_2017_01,QVD_2017_02,QVD_2017_03,QVD_2017_04,QVD_2017_04 and so on…

I want to load latest QVDs like last 3 months if it exists.

How to achieve this requirement?

FOR i = 0 to vMaxMonthNumber 
 let Date_Suffix = date(floor(monthstart(today(), -vMaxMonthNumber+i)), 'YYYY_MM'); 
 LET vFileNotAvailable=isnull(QvdCreateTime('$(vQVDPath)\QVD Folder\Table1_$(Date_Suffix).qvd')); // if qvd exists then 0 else -1
 IF not $(vFileNotAvailable) then
 load *
 FROM $(vQVDPath)\QVD Folder\Table1_$(Date_Suffix).qvd (qvd);
 end if 
 LET vFileNotAvailable=isnull(QvdCreateTime('$(vQVDPath)\QVD Folder\Table2_$(Date_Suffix).qvd')); // if qvd exists then 0 else -1
 IF not $(vFileNotAvailable) then 
 load *
 FROM $(vQVDPath)\QVD Folder\Table2_$(Date_Suffix).qvd (qvd);

end if;

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