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=Sum({1<Customer={“=Rank(SUM({1}Sales),4)=1”}>} Sales)

=Only({1<Customer={“=Rank(SUM({1}Sales),4)=1”}>} Customer)

=Sum({<Customer={“=Rank(SUM(Sales),4)=1”}>} Sales)


Qlik Sense Syllabus

Qlik Sense Syllabus

  • What is QlikSense?
  • Comparing Qlik Sense Desktop with Qlik Sense
  • Installing Qlik Sense Desktop
  • How Qlik Sense varies from QlikView?
  • Starting with QlikSense Desktop
  • Opening an app with QlikSense
  • QlikSense Architecture

Module 2 – Starting QlikSense

  • Navigating in the user interface
  • Data Manager
  • Data Load Editor
  • Data Model Viewer
  • Interacting with the user interface
  • Creating apps and Visualizations
  • Structuring an app with Sheets

Module 3 – Designing Visualizations

  • Different type of Visualizations
  • Dimensions and Measures in a CHART
  • When to use and What Chart to Use
  • Selections in a Visualization
  • Settings and Properties of each Visualization

Module 4 – Using Expressions in Visualization

  • Expressions , Functions and Variables
  • Working with Expression Editor
  • Using Functions in Charts
  • Using Variables in Expressions
  • Set Analysis and Set Expressions
  • Working with Master Items

Module 5 – Manage Data

  • Adding data from files and databases
  • Loading data with the data load script
  • Data Connections
  • Various types of Data loads
  • Profile Data with QlikSense
  • Troubleshooting

Module 6 – Creating a Data Model

  • Qlik Sense Data Architecture
  • Creating Star and Snowflake schemas
  • Use of Joins, Keeps, Concatenate etc..
  • Understanding QVD layer
  • Working on synthetic keys and circular references.

Module 7 – Advanced Data Modelling

  • Qlik Sense Star Schema
  • Link Table
  • Dimensions Table
  • Master Calendar
  • Optimizing data models
  • Best Practices of Data Modelling

Module 8 – Collaborate in QlikSense

  • Data Storytelling
  • Publishing
  • Exporting and Printing
  • Advanced Scripting and Chart Functions
  • Qlik Tips and Techniques

Module 9 – Qlik Sense Security

  • Learning about Qlik Sense App and its security features
  • Providing Qlik Sense access to user sets
  • Qlik Sense Security rule code

How to load latest month Data from Quarter QVDs SalesYYYYQ0X format

//Data load and store into QVD:

Let vQVD='Sales'&Year(Today())&num(ceil(month(Today())/3),'00');
 LOAD InvoiceNumber, InvoiceLineNumber, InvoiceDate, CustomerID, SalesmanID, ProductID, Quantity,
 Price, TotalPrice,'Sales'&Year(Today())&num(ceil(month(Today())/3),'00') as QVDName
 FROM Data.xlsx (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet2);
 STORE SalesData into $(vQVD).qvd(qvd);

//Loading latest month Data from latest QVD:

Set vFolder = 'C:\Users\SUDHIKSHA\Desktop\Qlikview\';

load * ,QvdTableName('Sales'&Year(Today())&num(ceil(month(Today())/3),'00')&'.QVD') from [$(File)] (qvd)
 Where month(InvoiceDate)=month(Today());

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