1339944 – How to delete an unused Node that is listed in the Central Management Console



l You need to remove an unused Node from the Server List in the CMC, e.g.:
¡ Node of another deployment after migrating one environment to the other, or
¡ Node associated with a Server Intelligence Agent that no longer exists or is no longer available
l Note: If the Server Intelligence Agent still exists, delete it from within the Central Configuration Manager to unregister it the proper way. These instructions are for those situations where there is no SIA, but an entry in CMC is still seen.
l SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1
l SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.0
Reproducing the Issue
1. Having two separate deployments A and B, Create a BIAR file using Import Wizard from deployment A: export all servers and server groups
2. Import the BIAR into deployment B using Import Wizard
3. Stop all services in Deployment A
4. Logon to CMC in Deployment B and navigate to Servers > Nodes:
– a Node pertaining to deployment A is displayed in the Nodes list
– there are no options to delete such node
Please note: the below procedure will not delete the Servers associated to the SIA Node that you will deleted.
Hence, delete the services inside the SIA/NODE manually from CMC first. Then move on to the below steps.
NOTE: Before making any changes to the CMS database, it is highly advised to take a full backup of the CMS DB and Filestore.
1. Logon to the Central Management Console
2. Navigate to Servers > Nodes
3. Locate the Node you want to delete and select it
4. Go to the Properties page for the selected Node
5. Take note of the CUID of the SIA
6. Logoff from the CMC
7. Stop all BO Services
8. Make a backup copy of the CMS System Database
9. With the proprietary database client (e.g., SQL Plus for Oracle), connect to the CMS System Database
10. Execute the SQL statement:
¡ BOE XI 3.1: ‘DELETE FROM CMS_INFOOBJECTS6 where SI_CUID = ‘CUID name from step 5’
¡ BO BI 4.X: ‘DELETE FROM CMS_INFOOBJECTS7 where SI_CUID = ‘CUID name from step 5’
11. If the Database Engine requires it, commit the changes
12. Start the BO Services.


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