access denied: failed to verify repository identification. Contact your repository

access denied

Access denied: failed to verify repository identification. Contact your repository administrator or try another repository.
l Data Services 4.0 (14.0.x.x)
l Designer
Reproducing the Issue
1. Connect to an existing repository via Repository Manager.
2. Click Create to create a new local repository over the existing local repository. 
3. Try to log into the repository via Designer.
Recreating a repository (overwriting an existing repository) does not remove the repository listing from the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
Repository Login screen. However, recreating a repository does remove the connection information from the repository. As a result, the error is 
1. Log into Central Management Console.
2. Navigate to Data Services > RepoName.
3. Right-click RepoName.
4. Click Properties.
5. Click Save. (Even though no changes are being made, clicking Save updates the connection information behind the scenes.) 
The error should no longer occur when logging into the repository via Designer.
Note: If the Data Services Repository Login screen is still open, the error will still occur unless you click Log On to refresh the list of local


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