Finding list of objects in Sql SERVER 2005

List All the tables:

SELECT * FROM sys.Tables

List All the Views:
SELECT * FROM sys.views

List All the Procedures:

SELECT * FROM sys.procedures;

List All the tables with Primary key columns:

SELECT AS IndexName,
COL_NAME(ic.OBJECT_ID,ic.column_id) AS ColumnName
FROM sys.indexes AS i
INNER JOIN sys.index_columns AS ic
AND i.index_id = ic.index_id
WHERE i.is_primary_key = 1


SSIS Error – Microsoft Visual Studio is unable to load the document

SSIS Error – Microsoft Visual Studio is unable to load the document.

I installed SQL Server 2008R2.

I click on BIDS under Allprograms–>BIDS and click on file–> new project–>Integration services project1–> got the below error

Microsoft visual studio in unable to load this document.
To design integration services packages in BIDS integration services has to be installed.

But I am very sure I have installed Integration services which comes with Developer 2008 R2.


Benifits of Qlikview

Qlikview11.2 Service Release 2 provides:
Use of an in-memory data model
Allows instant, in memory, manipulation of massive datasets
Automated data integration and a graphical analytical environment attractive for customers
Fast and powerful visualization capabilities
No need to build DWH
Ease of use – end users require almost no training
Highly scalable – near instant response time on very huge data volumes
Fast implementation – customers are live in less than one month, and most in a week
Flexible – allows unlimited dimensions and measures and can be modified in seconds
Integrated – all in one solution : dashboards, power analysis and simply reporting on a single architecture
Low cost – shorter implementations result in cost saving and fast return on investment
View data offline
Set reload schedules to automatically fetch data consistently at exact time
Easy to deploy and use the dashboards on iPad and other mobile devices

Visual Intelligence – An error occurered: The engine failed to start before timeout. Restart the application. (HDB 10005)

VI error

Visual Intelligence 1.0.5 was installed and working flawlessly. Throwing the error when trying to acquire from CSV,xls, Free Hand SQL, or Universe;

An Error Occured:

Data Source creation failed / The engine failed to start before timeout. Restart the application. (HDB 10005)