#UNAVAILABLE Error in SAP BW Webi report

#UNAVAILABLE Error is a common notice in Web intelligence reports with SAP BW universe.

All the key figures in the SAP BEx query is set to sum without any Exception Aggregation.

The reason for this error is that measures coming from BEX is set Database Delegated by default and there is no way to set them as SUM in BICS connection (direct connection to BEX). This can be fixed at OLAP universes created in

Universe Design Tool by setting measures’ aggregation type from Database Delegated to SUM.
When we create a variable in Webireport, and put it on a table with measure. Measure asks BW to give the value based on WebI variable. Since BW has no such a value, it returns #UNAVAILABLE.

This problem is fixed in SAP BOBJ BI4.0 SP4 with BICS connections., Upgrade to SAP BOBJ BI4.0 SP4 patch 9 is advisable.


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