BO Notes

  1. Infoview can not connect to the server.Close the report panel and try to connect again or see your BusinessObjecrs administrator.
  2. we are upgrading from BOXIR2 to BOXI3.1. some of the complex formulae is not migrated properly.extra characters displays in deski reports.
  3. When I open deski or webi rich client, I am getting the below error.
    The procedure entry point?Error@TraceLog@@3ABVImportant@1@B could not be located in the dynamic link library TraceLog.dll
  4. I am using UserResponse(“Enter Date:”) function in a report. Date format is M/D/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM(10/6/2009 12:00:00 AM)How to display the date format into 10/06/2009=formatdate(todate(UserResponse([Data Provider];”Enter Date:”);”M/d/yyyy hh:mm:ss a”);”MM/dd/yyyy”)
  5. BOXI3.1 log file after importing/Migrating the objects from BIAR:<Installed Drive>:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\Logging
  6. Differences between section and break:You apply a break to a table, you apply a section to a report.A section can have many tables or graphs, a table can have many breaks.A break allows you to group data in a table that you don’t want to see repeated.Grouping is also available in the Maps section, whereas breaks are not.
  7. Formula for this requirement :if [Sales]>0 [Sales] and [QuantitySold]<5000 then “Normal” esls if [Sales]>5000 [Sales] and [Sales]<=10000 then “Medium Sales”=If(([[Sales]]>0 [Sales] and [[QuantitySold]]<5000);”Normal”;If(([[Sales]]>5000 [Sales] and [[QuantitySold]]<=10000);”Medium Sales”;””High Sales))
  8. Deski report is working fine but when I refresh the same report in infoview or webi report is getting the below error:A database error occured.The database error text is:(CS) “DBDriver failed to load:C:\Program Files>BusinessObjects>BusinessObjects12.0>win32_x86>dataAccess>connectionServer>dbd_oci.dll file is not foundNeed to install the same Oracle client on the server as well, and configure it in the same way as we did on the PC.
  9. Do we have any formula in webi to not include the list of values for an object.
    This is just like ‘Inlist’?Need to use ‘Not’ before the object name.Here is an example of Not InList used in an IF statement:=NOT([Amount] Where (


    = If(Not([Object Name]InList( “text1; “text2; “text3”)) ; “Desired Text” )

    =[Amount] Where (

    Not In List(<value1>;<Value2>))
    =[Amount] Where (


    =[Amount] – ([Amount]) Where (


  10. Querybuilder query to show the list of users that belong to a si_name
    from ci_systemobjects
    where children(“si_name = ‘usergroup-user'”, “si_name = ‘<GROUP NAME>'”)
  11. Order_Id Status
    1 10
    1 11
    1 122 13
    2 14
    2 153 16
    3 17
    3 114 18
    4 19
    4 20I want to show all Order_Ids for Status=11. How to show this?=If(Max([Order Status] In ([Order ID]) Where ([Status]=”11″))=”30″;”Keep”;”Hide”)
  12. Unable to open the report on my machine in webi rich client. No issues on other machines.Error: “The Document cannot be retrieved from the file repository server. (WIS 30951)”Resolution:

    I checked all ports related issues, any firewalls, BO user permissions etc.

    i) Exit the WebI Rich Client tool.

    ii) Check the ‘Windows OS User name’ with which log on to the client machine.

    iii) Provide Windows (OS, not BO Enterprise) ‘modify’ permission to this user account on the client machine operating system installation C drive.

    iv) Launch the WebI Rich Client tool

    v) Logon and Import the reports

  13. The BI Launchpad now has a really useful tabs style view, so that we can have multiple reports open at the same time.
    But this can not be done in CMC.
  14. As of now we can not select multiple objects (folders, universes, etc.), then click “User Security” to apply security to all of the
    selected objects in one action. This thing can not be done in BO as of now.

Showing continuously Loading message – Webi BI Lanchpad

I installed SAP BOBJ BI4.0 SP2 on my machine. Started working on it.

All full client tools are working fine but unable load the universes in Webintelligence through BI Lanchpad.

It is showing continuously Loading message as shown in screen.

Really it was annoyed me. Checked all the possible ways to resolve this issue. But I noticed it is a piece of work.


SAP BOBJ BI4.0 - Loading webi screen - BI Lanchpad

I don’t have the choice to update the software to SP4 Patch 9, so I keep tried.

Now it is working by changing the PREFERENCES at BI Launch pad.

Selected the below options:

i)Desktop (Windows only) (installation required) 

ii)Rich Internet Application (download required) 

Installed jre-7u11-windows-i586.

I am not sure which one has worked above the two and now I am happy.

Unable to open CMC and infoview in google chrome browser


HTTP Status 404 – /BOE/portal/1211121324/InfoView/App/home.jsp

type Status report

message /BOE/portal/1211121324/InfoView/App/home.jsp

description The requested resource (/BOE/portal/1211121324/InfoView/App/home.jsp) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/6.0.24


HTTP Status 404 – /BOE/CMC/1211121324/InfoView/App/home.jsp

type Status report

message /BOE/CMC/1211121324/InfoView/App/home.jsp

description The requested resource (/BOE/CMC/1211121324/InfoView/App/home.jsp) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/6.0.24

BusinessObjects Product versions

The build version of BO XI Enterprise can see at Settings area of the CMC.
Build version of individual services can be obtained from the CCM.

For Designer, DeskI…, right click on the executables (BusObj.exe, Designer.exe, etc.) and choose Properties -> Versions.

(For a Windows installation, the executables are installed at the following path: <BO install dir>\win32_x86).

SAP BI BusinessObjects 4.0 Product version:
XI 4.0 and Build: 565 –> SAP BI BusObjects 4.0 SP02 Patch 12
version 14.04 and Build 738 –> SAP BI BusObjects 4.0 SP4 no patch
version 14.04 and Build 855 –> SAP BI BusObjects 4.0 SP4 Patch 5

BO XI 3.1 SP5 –> XI 3.1 SP5

BO XI 3.1 SP4 –> XI 3.1 SP4 –> XI 3.1 SP4 + FP 4.1

BO XI 3.1 SP3 –> XI 3.1 SP3 –> XI 3.1 + SP3 + FP3.1 –> XI 3.1 + SP3 + FP3.2 –> XI 3.1 + SP3 + FP3.3 –> XI 3.1 + SP3 + FP3.4 –> XI 3.1 + SP3 + FP3.5 –> XI 3.1 + SP3 + FP3.6

BO XI 3.1 SP2 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.1 or –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.2 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.3 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.4 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.5 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.6 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.7 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.8 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.9 –> XI 3.1 + SP2 + FP2.10

BO XI 3.1 –> XI 3.1 –> FP1.1 –> FP1.2 –> FP1.3 –> FP1.4 –> FP1.5 –> FP1.6 –> FP1.7 –> FP1.8 –> FP1.9 –> FP1.10 –> FP1.11

BO XI 3.0 –> XI 3.0 –> FP 1 –> FP 2 BOE_Titan_FP_RTM_REL –> FP 3

BO XI r2 –> RTM –> SP1 –> MHF1 –> CHF13 –> CHF14 –> CHF15 –> CHF16 –> CHF17 –> CHF20 –> SP2 –> FP2.1 –> FP2.2 –> FP2.3 –> FP2.4 –> FP2.5 –> FP2.6 –> FP2.7 –> FP2.8 –> FP2.9 –> SP3 –> FP3.1 –> FP3.2 –> FP3.3 –> FP3.4 –> FP3.5 –> FP3.6 –> FP3.7 –> FP3.8 –> FP3.9 –> SP4 –> FP4.1 –> FP4.2 –> FP4.3 –> FP4.4 –> FP4.5 –> FP4.6 –> FP4.7 –> FP4.8 –> FP4.9 –> FP4.10 –> FP4.11 –> FP4.12 –> SP5 –> FP 5.1 –> FP 5.2 –> FP 5.3 –> FP 5.4 –> FP 5.5 –> FP 5.6 –> FP 5.7 –> FP 5.8 –> SP6

RTM = Release To Market (first release, without any patches).
MHF = Monthly Hot Fix.
CHF = Critical Hot Fix.
SP = Service Pack.
FP = Fix Pack.

Aggregate Awareness example

Say We have three tables:
YearTable, MonthTable, DetailsTable

In the tables, you have the columns:



You would create three dimension objects, one for each of the date parts above, plust your one measure object “Order Amount” in the universe would be defined as:
@AggregateAware( Sum(YearTable.OrdAmountYr), Sum(MonthTable.OrdAmountMo), Sum(DetailsTable.OrderAmount) )

This formula, plus the proper Agg Aware Navigation in Designer, sets you up for the following…

If you select only the obects for YearTable.Year and “Order Amount”, the SQL generated will be automatically for Sum(YearTable.OrdAmountYr).

If you select only the obects for MonthTable.YrMonth and “Order Amount”, the SQL generated will be automatically for Sum(MonthTable.OrdAmountMo).

If you select only the obects for DetailsTable.OrderDate and “Order Amount”, the SQL generated will be automatically for Sum(DetailsTable.OrderAmount).

Businessobjects Notes

* # Getting unavailable error in webi in BEx on SAP BOBJ BI4.0 usually get when we use the measures which are coming out of BEx query universe.

* YTD Measure:

Sum (

Case when (table.Date) between trunc(sysdate,’yyyy’) and sysdate then fact table.measure end


MTD measure:

Sum (

Case when (table.Date) between trunc(sysdate,’mm’) and sysdate then fact table.measure end


* Rank and sort can not be done or applied at the same time on a field in a webi report table.

Should give up on either one.

*  I wanted to install FP to client BO, for this which one I should select the option from ‘repair’ or ‘remove’ while installing steps?

* Calculating no of days between 2 days Date1 and Date2?


* How to convert number of seconds into HH:MM:SS time format?

=FormatNumber(Floor(<number of seconds>/3600) ,”00″) & “:” &
FormatNumber(Floor(Mod(<number of seconds> ,3600)/60) ,”00″) & “:” &
FormatNumber(Mod(Mod(<number of seconds> ,3600) ,60) ,”00″)

* How to round off a date to next month or next Quarter begin date?

i) For example if date is: 30/03/2009 , should get 01/04/2009. 

ii) If I have a date: is 01/02/2009, should get 01/04/2009 

How to achieve this?

Left(Concatenation(“01/”+ If(MonthNumberOfYear(CurrentDate())<4;”04/” ;If(MonthNumberOfYear(CurrentDate())<7;”07/”;If(MonthNumberOfYear(CurrentDate())<10;”10/”;If(MonthNumberOfYear(CurrentDate())<=12;”01/”))));
Right(Concatenation(“01/”+ If(MonthNumberOfYear(CurrentDate())<4;”04/” ;If(MonthNumberOfYear(CurrentDate())<7;”07/”;If(MonthNumberOfYear(CurrentDate())<10;”10/”;If(MonthNumberOfYear(CurrentDate())<=12;”01/”))));

* How to create a variable to find duplicate records?

Var_duplicate=Count([MeasureColumn]) In ([Dimension1];[Dimension2];[Dimension3])

and apply the filter if Var_duplicate >1

* How to show last 3 months data in a report?

Create a variable X = DaysBetween(TIMESTAMP; CurrentDate())

We can apply a filter on this like X < 90 to get 3 month data.


Filter like Month <= 3